Beautiful towns in Spain to visit near Madrid

Spain is one of the countries of Europe and is located in southwestern Europe and north of the continent of Africa on the Iberian Peninsula, close to Portugal, Morocco, Andorra, France, Italy, and the Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean Sea. We offer you this guide with a small tour of the Spanish towns near Madrid that you must visit when traveling to the Kingdom of Spain.

Spain is a country bordered to the north by France, Andorra, and the Cantabrian Sea, to the east by the Mediterranean Sea, to the west by Portugal, and the south by Morocco. Characterized by having 50 provinces grouped into 17 regions or Autonomous Communities, which comprise a population of 47.4 million inhabitants living in 8,131 municipalities and where the majority of the inhabitants reside in the central area of the Iberian Peninsula, a few kilometers north of the Cerro de los Ángeles and in the South Subplateau of the Central Plateau, which is where its capital Madrid is located. The official currency of Spain is the Euro, the area code of the country is "+34" and the language that is spoken the most in the territory is Spanish, although in some regions they use another 3 co-official languages of some communities; these are Basque, Galician, and Catalan.

The towns of Spain are also identified as one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe and the world due to the legacy of ancient civilizations, the abundant artistic heritage of the country, its landscape diversity, its beaches, its pleasant climate, and its delicious gastronomy.

The climate in most of the towns in Spain to visit is warm temperate with an average annual temperature between 15 °C and 18 °C. In Spain the 4 meteorological stations are carried out; winters from December to March are cold where the minimum temperature is 0°C and the maximum is 16°C, summers from June to September with an average temperature of 32 degrees Celsius, in autumn there are beautiful sunny days with a temperature between 28°C and 2°C during September to December, and the rest of the year the temperatures are mild where the sun often appears at an average temperature of 13.6 °C.

Something very attractive about tourism in the towns near Madrid is visiting places such as the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, the Royal Palace of Madrid, the old walled city in Toledo, La Boquería Market, the squares of the Gothic Quarter and El Raval, Casa Batlló in Barcelona, the Mercado de la Ribera, Plaza España in Seville, Puerta del Sol square, the banks of the Nervión estuary, the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, the Alhambra in Granada, the Royal Alcazar in Seville. Other good plans are to walk through landscapes such as the French Way, the Timanfaya National Park, Las Catedrales Beach, the Balearic Islands, Las Médulas, the Canary Islands, the Corralejo Dunes, the Bardenas Reales, the Jesters of Pría, the beach Itzurun, the Iratí Forest, the Torcal de Antequera Natural Area, and the Jerte Valley. Another of the many essential things to do in Spain is to visit museums such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Prado Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the Picasso Museum of Barcelona, the National Museum of Roman Art, and the City of Arts and Sciences. .

Before traveling, we recommend that you learn about the wealth of customs of the Spanish natives. Some of the most common are:

  • The Spanish do almost everything later than what you are used to, such as meal times
  • Flamenco is a folkloric tradition
  • Spanish speech is fast and the tone is imperative
  • The greeting with two kisses, one on each cheek
  • the desktop is the time after lunch or dinner
  • Nap (sleep) after lunch or dinner
  • The time to party is after 10 pm
  • Spanish people love to watch their team's football
  • The Spanish get up between seven and nine in the morning
  • The Spanish use olive oil in all their recipes
  • Spaniards eat dinner at 9 or 10 pm
  • Wait for turns at bus stops or hospitals
  • Banks in Spain are only open in the mornings
  • Supermarkets are only open from Monday to Saturday
  • The guitar was invented in Spain
  • The form of government is the parliamentary monarchy
  • Spain has two large metropolises, Madrid and Barcelona
  • Spain has 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • The Spanish celebrate at least two birthdays, one for the actual date of birth and the other for the saint that gives rise to their name

In terms of culture, the beautiful towns near Madrid are recognized for their extraordinary artistic heritage of great writers, poets, musicians, and artists, a product of the influence of different nationals who have passed through the Peninsula such as the Iberians, Romans, Basques, Arabs, Celtic and French among others. Traditions such as the Sanfermines in Pamplona with the festival in honor of San Fermín from July 6 to 14, the Fallas in Valencia in March, the April Fair in Seville, and the Carnival in February. But especially, in most, the Spanish towns its gastronomy stands out, such as Tapas, Pinchos or Pintxos, migas, gazpacho, Ración, stew, ham, potato omelet, paella, oxtail, and olive oil for everything.

Spain is without a doubt the home of the most beautiful and picturesque towns in all of Europe. So that you can fully enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer, we have left you a route through the Spanish destinations that we consider to be the best tourist cities and towns in Spain to which you should go.

Some are small towns but have their charm, others enjoy an excellent climate, others are surrounded by incomparable natural beauties, some other Spanish towns have a beautiful beach, gastronomic wealth, historical wealth or have a historical flair, colonial and stone that makes them magical; that's why it's good to visit everyone.


Barcelona is known as the Ciudad Condal and is the second most populous city in Spain. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it a city with a beach, near the Pyrenees mountain range and is 150 kilometers from the border with France to the north.






Alcalá del Júcar


Santillana del Mar




Setenil de las Bodegas


Arcos de la Frontera




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