Beautiful towns in Brazil to visit near Brasilia

Brazil is one of the countries of South America, located from the north of South America in the Amazon Basin to the vineyards and the huge Iguazu Falls in the south of the continent, near Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. We offer you this guide with a small tour of the Brazilian towns near Brasilia that you must visit when traveling to Brazil.

Brazil is a country bordered by Venezuela and Colombia to the north, Peru, and Bolivia to the west, Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Characterized by having a Federal District and 26 states, which comprise a population of 215 million inhabitants who live in 5,568 municipalities and where the majority of residents reside in the Center-West Region within the Federal District, which is where its capital Brasilia is located. The official currency of Brazil is El Real, the country's area code is “+55” and the language most widely spoken in the territory is Portuguese, although in some regions they use 7 other indigenous languages such as Guajajara, Sateré-Mawé, Terena, tukano, nheengatu, makuxi, and kayapo.

The people of Brazil are also identified as one of the most visited Latin American tourist destinations in the world due to its music, its dances, its soccer, its biodiversity, its parties full of joy, and its variety of landscapes that go from the Amazon jungle to wetlands like the Pantanal, beach considered one of the most beautiful in the world and dazzling waterfalls.

The climate in most of the towns in Brazil to visit is warm where the average annual temperature was about 21.5 °C. In the Federative Republic of Brazil, the 4 meteorological stations are carried out; In the summer from December to March, there is almost unbearable heat with maximum temperatures of 36°C. Winter from June to September is a rainy day with an average minimum temperature of 15°C. In the spring and autumn, the climate in Brazil tends to be milder and more pleasant with temperatures between 24 °C to 26 °C; that is why the best time to travel to Brazil is from September to October.

Something very attractive about tourism in the towns near Brasília is visiting places such as Pan de Azúcar, Petrópolis, Copacabana, the historic center of Olinda, Pelourinho in Salvador de Bahía, Avenida Paulista in São Paulo, the Market Municipal de São Paulo, the Metropolitan Cathedral of São Paulo, Ibirapuera Park, the neighborhood of Jaraguà in Maceió, the colonial center of Parati, the town of Gramado and the town of Ouro Preto. Other good plans are to walk through landscapes such as the Great Pantanal, Iguazú Falls, Guanabara Bay, Praia de Boa Viagem beach, Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Praia de Itapuã beaches in Salvador de Bahía, Lagoa Manguaba, the Praia Foca and Praia Brava in Búzios, Praia do Francês in Maceió, Fernando de Noroña Archipelago and the Amazon rainforest. Also, another of the many essential things to do in Brazil is to visit museums such as the São Paulo Museum of Art, the Pinacoteca do Estado, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, the Imperial Museum, the Museum of Tomorrow, and the Mundo A Vapor museum.

We also recommend that you get to know the wealth of customs of the Brazilian natives before traveling to this South American country. Some of the most important are:

  • Brazil is the largest country in Latin America
  • To drink and talk with friends, don't go to a bar, go to a Boteco
  • Brazilians use the thumbs up for almost every phrase of approval or thanks
  • Brazilians are open and do not manage personal distance
  • Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking country in the Americas
  • Capoeira was born in Brazil
  • Brazilians are famous for their love of dance, music, and soccer
  • São Paulo is one of the most populous cities in the world
  • You must not eat sandwiches, fried chicken, hamburgers, or pizza with your hands, you must use a napkin or cutlery
  • The streets in the cities of Brazil are very noisy
  • The "inho/a" at the end of a word is a gesture of more affection (Ronaldinho: Ronaldo)
  • Brazilians eat avocado as a sweet fruit in smoothies, ice cream, or candy

In terms of culture, the beautiful towns near Brasília are recognized for their mixture of cultures from various migratory streams from all continents and their artistic dances such as Samba or Capoeira. Traditions such as celebrating the Brazilian Carnival in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro between February and March, the Cachaça Festival, the Iemanjá Festival in February, the Junina Party in June, and the typical Brazilian Bumba Meu Boi festival during June and July. But especially, in most Brazilian towns its gastronomy stands out such as feijoada, Picanha, Acarajé, rice with pequi, Fish Moqueca, churrasco, Cheese Bread, Chicken Coxinha, Barreado , the Vatapá, the Tacacá and the famous drink the caipirinha, or caipirinha.

Brazil is without a doubt home to the most beautiful and picturesque towns in all of South America. So that you can fully enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer, we have left you a route through the Brazilian destinations that we consider to be the best cities and tourist towns in Brazil that you should go to.

Some are small towns but have their charm, others are cities that enjoy an excellent climate, others are surrounded by incomparable natural beauties, some other Brazilian towns and cities have a beautiful beach, a rich gastronomy, a rich history or they have a pre-Columbian, colonial and modern style that makes them magical; that's why it's good to visit all of them.

Río de Janeiro

São Paulo

Salvador de Bahía



Belo Horizonte

Porto Alegre





San Luís




Campo Grande

João Pessoa



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