Beautiful towns in Sweden to visit near Stockholm

Sweden is one of the countries of Europe and is located in Northern Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula, close to Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. We offer you this guide with a small tour of the Swedish towns near Stockholm that you must visit when traveling to Sweden.

Sweden is a country bordered to the east by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia, to the west by the Scandinavian Norwegian Alps, to the northeast by Finland, and the southwest by the Kattegat, Skagerrak, and Öresund straits; separating it from Denmark, Germany, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Sweden is characterized by having 21 provinces (Län), comprising a population of 10 million living in 290 municipalities (Kommuner). Most of the inhabitants reside in the east of the country, between the south of Lake Malarem and the 14 islands of the extensive archipelago of the Baltic Sea, where its capital Stockholm is located. The official currency of Sweden is the crown, the area code of the country is "+46" and the language that is spoken the most in the territory is Swedish (Nordic language) although in some regions they use English and other languages of the Germanic language such as Danish and Norwegian in the areas bordering Norway and Denmark.

The Kingdom of Sweden is identified for being the fifth largest on the continent and for being one of the coldest countries in Europe; where its northern lights, its amazing natural landscapes with abundant forests and lakes, the quality of the water and the purity of its air, its fishing villages and its Viking history are famous. The weather in most of the towns in Sweden to visit is cold, wet, and dark but there are also some pleasant summer months. In Sweden they take the four seasons and a difference in temperature between summer and winter; spring occurs in April and May, and summer goes from June to the end of August with a minimum temperature of 11°C and a maximum of 22ºC. Autumn is in September and October where the first month is a bit hot but in October it is colder. Winter is from November to March with temperatures reaching -20°C.

So the best months to travel to Sweden are from May to September because you can enjoy a pleasant temperature and a greater amount of light; since in the other half of the year darkness prevails.

Something very attractive about tourism in the towns near Stockholm is visiting places such as Gamla Stan, the Royal Palace of Stockholm, the Liseberg amusement park, the Universeum science center, the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, the Castle of Malmö, the Gotä Canal, Fyrishov in Uppsala and the Globe Arena in Stockholm. Other good plans are to walk through landscapes such as the Stockholm archipelago, the Swedish city, the Marstrand island, Lake Siljan, the High Coast or in Swedish Höga Kusten, the coast of Bohuslän, the "raukar" of Gotland, the Camino or Trail real, Lake Vättern and the Abisko National Park in Lapland where you can appreciate the northern lights. Another of the many essential things to do in Sweden is to visit museums such as the open-air museum Skansen, the Vasa Museum, the ABBA museum, and the Nobel museum.

We also recommend you to know the wealth of customs of the Swedish natives such as punctuality since the Swedes are extremely punctual, or their discretion since they speak little and in a low voice. Other things to keep in mind about Swedish customs are:

  • The customary greeting is a handshake between both men and women.
  • If you enter the house of a Swede you must take off your shoes and bring a gift of flowers or a bottle of wine.
  • If you enter a store you should call the salesperson or waiter.
  • Also any display of wealth is considered unkindness as Swedes are very modest.

In terms of culture, the pretty towns near Stockholm are renowned for their “lagom” lifestyle, which is based on moderation, sustainability, and trying to live more consciously of our needs. This way of thinking refers to having just enough to cover our needs, without excesses, and discarding the unnecessary, especially material objects.

There are also traditions such as celebrating Christmas since it is one of the oldest and most fervent traditions, as well as traditional festivals such as the celebration of Midsommar, the Snow Festival in Kiruna in January, Walpurgis Night in April and also the Gothenburg Film Festival.

But the most special thing, in most Swedish towns its gastronomy stands out, such as the famous Köttbullar, which are meatballs that are usually served under a meat sauce, salmon or in Swedish Lax, Pyttipanna, balls of stuffed potatoes which in Swedish is Kroppkakor, the Knäckebröd which is crispy rye bread, the Kanelbullar and El Kavring desserts, dense Kavring bread and the Raggmunk which is a kind of potato crepe.

Sweden is without a doubt home to the most modern cities and most picturesque towns in all of Europe. So that you can fully enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer, we have left you a route through the Swedish destinations that we consider to be the best tourist cities and towns in Sweden that you should go to.

Some are small towns but have their charm, others enjoy an excellent climate, incomparable natural beauties surround others, some other Swedish towns have a beautiful beach, rich gastronomy, rich history or have a modern style, Classical Baroque, Viking and Old Norse; that's why it's good to visit everyone.


















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