Beautiful cities in Nepal to visit near Kathmandu

Nepal is one of the countries of Asia and is located in the south of the continent, between India and Tibet, located in the majestic Himalayas, near China, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. We offer you this guide with a small tour of the Nepalese cities near Kathmandu that you must visit when traveling to Nepal.

Nepal is a country bordered on the north by the People's Republic of China and on the other three sides by India. Characterized by having 7 provinces divided into 14 zones with 77 districts, which comprise a population of 30 million inhabitants living in 293 municipalities and where the majority of the inhabitants reside in the center of the country, in the northwest of the Kathmandu Valley and surrounded by mountains. of the Himalayas, which is where its capital Kathmandu is located. The official currency of Nepal is the Rupee, the country's area code is "+977" and the language they speak the most in the territory is Nepali, although in some regions they use many languages and dialects that the Nepalese, such as Newari, Awadhi, Limbu, Hindi, Mundari, Bahing, Maithili and Pahari languages that are used in the vicinity of the Himalayas.

Nepal is also identified as one of the tourist destinations in Asia with more mountains and hills than any other country, which is why it is ideal for people seeking trekking adventures such as mountaineers and climbers. Eight of the ten highest mountains on Earth are located in Nepal and the Himalayan region contains the highest point on earth which is Mount Everest. The cities in Nepal are also famous for a large number of Buddhist and Hindu temples and palaces.

The weather in most Nepalese cities to visit is cool throughout the year but can vary by location; temperatures during summer and spring range from 28°C in the mountainous regions, to over 40°C on the Indian border within the Terai region. That is why the best weather conditions occur in spring and autumn for October to May when temperatures vary between 16 °C and 23 °C.

Something very attractive about tourism in the cities near Kathmandu is visiting places such as Durbar Square in Kathmandu, the historic center of Bhaktapur with a medieval air, the Thamel neighborhood, the architectural heritage in Patan, Buddha Stupa, the temple from Pashupatinath which is the main Hindu temple of Nepal, Dakshinkali temple, Swayambhunath, Adinath Temple and Dhulikhel trade route. Although Nepal is a country without maritime coasts, other good plans are to walk through landscapes such as the Kathmandu Valley, the Chobhar Gorge, the Chobhar Caves, which are an extensive network of natural caves, the Chitwan National Park at the foot of the Himalayas, the Trisuli river, the sacred river of Kali Gandaki, the Pokhara lake, the Sagarmatha National Park and the Annapurna massif.

Another of the many must-do things to do in Nepal is visit museums like the National Museum of Nepal, Narayanhity Palace Museum, Pashupatinath Temple, and Lumbini Area. We also recommend you to know the wealth of customs of the Nepalese natives such as:

  • Religious freedom is allowed but proselytizing is prohibited
  • Most of their customs date back to Hindu, Buddhist traditions
  • Their language developed from Latin and Eastern Indo-European
  • There are stairs everywhere
  • Nepalis don't eat meat
  • The cow is also the national animal of Nepal
  • Marriages are arranged by the parents after the child reaches the age of majority
  • Cow dung is pure for cleaning purposes
  • women are kept in isolation during menstruation because they have considered unclean
  • Nepali food has been influenced by Indian and Tibetan cuisine
  • Most Nepalis do not use cutlery and eat with their right hand
  • Moving around on a motorcycle is the most common thing, which is why motorcycles abound in Nepal
  • Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) is said to have been born in Nepal


In terms of culture, the beautiful cities near Kathmandu are recognized for the respect and cordiality with which Nepalis receive guests since Nepal brings together characteristics of many other cultures, being flexible in all aspects such as food, clothing, religion, and even professions. You will find traditions like Dancing their Nepalese folk dances like the Maruni Naach and celebrating the Teej Festival, Rishi Panchami Festival, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, and many more as it could be said that every day is a day of celebration for one or another community in Nepal. . But especially, in most Nepalese cities its gastronomy stands out, such as Dal Bat, a typical dish made up of white rice, vegetables, and lentil soup. There is also Masala Chai for breakfast, Noodles, Thukpa, Bean Soup, Dhindho or Dhido, Momos, Gundruk, and Buff Sha Bale for dinner; you will realize that its gastronomic variety depends on ethnic, cultural, and geographical diversity.

Nepal is without a doubt home to the most beautiful and traditional cities in all of Asia. So that you can fully enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer, we have left you a route through the Nepalese destinations that we consider to be the best tourist cities and towns in Nepal that you should go to.

Some are small towns but they are surrounded by incomparable natural beauties, gastronomic wealth, historical wealth, or have a Buddhist and Hindu style that makes them magical; that's why it's good to visit everyone.










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